service advantages

The truck team has strong capabilities

UNITEX has a strong trucking team to facilitate the cross-border movement of large quantities of goods.

High-quality trucks, safe and fast

Unitex's truck fleet primarily consists of heavy-duty trucks such as Jiefang/Dongfeng, all equipped with airbag suspensions and container lifting capabilities.

Eurasian coverage, fast deliveries.

Specializing in truck transport between China and Europe, Central Asia, with air freight-like delivery times for cost-effectiveness.

efficient route planning

We strive to ensure the safe delivery of goods through precise route planning, stable truck performance, and meticulous departure schedules.

professional localization operation

Setting up a professional customs clearance team proficient in local operations in Europe and various parts of Asia.

API intelligent system support

In-house technical team provides intelligent system support, enabling smart operations such as online ordering and tracking.

European cross-border overland routes

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